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Audit company “TGS KK-Group”, member of TGS Global in Georgia, is one of the most successful audit company in our country, which unites more than 20 professionals and collaborates with any size of legal and physical profitable or non-profitable entities actively. Through the multipurpose service spectrum, successful and innovative projects, modern methods and customer-oriented approaches, we offer audit, accounting, valuation, legal , consulting  and training services.


“TGS KK-Group” is an only  member firm of TGS Global in Georgia.  TGS the global business network was formed in 2011 and since 2013 it is in the list of top twenty world audit networks. At present, this network unites  60 states with more than 3500 professionals, which increases and develops at a rapid pace. TGS Global is the newest, successful, independent audit, accounting, taxation and consulting companies network around the world. In 2014 TGS Global received IAB annual award of “Rising Star” and therefore, being its member means high standards of financial and audit services.


No matter which country you are in, manage your business or produce significant deals,  through the members of TGS Global you can get fast and correct decision that will help you to improve your business successfully.  


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