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Checking the primary documents on the completeness and compliance with the requirements of the tax.

Consulting about preparing and regulating the primary documents  and about other currentissues.  

Registration  the primary  documents  in our accounting program;

Tax forms preparation and filing in tax inspection;

Calculating taxes paid by the customer and informing the customer.

Communication with the Tax Inspectors about customer's accounting and tax issues;

In the period of tax audit (revision)  the customer's interests will be protected and with the regulation of the audit information, preparation / submission;

Protect the interests of the customer from third parties of the accounting / tax issues;

Deliver Standard statements and reports ;

Other services that are necessary for the accounting industry to Georgia in accordance with the laws and standards.

Customer requirements, and different kind of financial reports - presented as well. Including banks (for credit approval / monitoring required) a specific financial reports /presentation;

Our accounting service enables our customers to concentrate on the company's main activities and not to waste time accounting - tax problems, as well as relationships with representatives of supervisory authorities.

Our Accounting Service Benefits:

During accounting services, our efforts are guided by its own developed technology, which is based on many years experience and provides the Georgian market needs and the specifics;

Accounting service is made stationary according to your order, as well as in your office as in our office, which will enable us to give more attention to concentrate to our work and, where appropriate, involve our audit and consulting offices, to resolve arised questions;

Periodically, the accounting records are the internal audit, which is maintained by a strong team in the office;

Our company has a strong, high-value material - technical basis. Accordingly, the customer will not need to have accounting-related capital expenses;

Client's business with all of the official instances run our company.

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